VAST Video Ad Service

Flipboard Engineering By Guangle Fan May 30, 2017

Videos are more ubiquitous than ever before: there are virtually no boundaries on how, when and where people can interact with video content. Flipboard as a curation platform brings multi-format content to peoples around their personal interests and passions. There has been tremendous opportunity for video ads to perform efficiently on our platform. At Flipboard, we have been building video inventory since 2013 in the form of transcoding, storing, and serving proprietary format video ads on an in-house platform. As we see high-quality beautiful video ads satisfy advertisers, we also face the challenge of scaling the platform to meet the increasing demands of our video ad inventory. To bring Flipboard’s video ad inventory to a larger group of advertisers, we need a programmatic selling channel that supports standard video ad formats, provides easy performance measurement and flexible video behavior control. This is where VAST can help.     What is VAST ? VAST is the Video Ad Serving Template...

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