A set of simple guidelines to keep in mind when using the Flipboard logo.

For questions about the use of these brand assets contact guidelines@flipboard.com.



1. The logo

The logo exists as two different lockups- a vertical and a horizontal.
These lockups are fixed, so please do not try to tweak or recreate the logo from it’s core elements.

When creating your compositions, be smart about which lockup you use.



2. The logomark

Used primarily as an app icon, and on corporate communications, the logomark should only be used when there is a clear mention of the Flipboard brand name.

The logomark

3. Colors

Below is a reference for the Flipboard color palette. You can also find this palette in the brand guideline pdf.


4. Sizing

The 1:5 rule:
For digital use, always use the logo at a dimension where the width and height of the logomark is equal to a multiple of 5. Produced at dimensions outside of this rule, the logo will alias.

Minimum sizes:
The minimum size that the logo appears on different devices is important to ensure legibility. For guidance on minimum sizing, please download the brand guideline pdf.

5. Clear space


The clear space is the smallest distance allowed between the logo and any other graphic object; logo, physical or digital page edge, copy etc. Think of it as the logo’s comfort zone. The clear space should equal the width and height of the logo’s center square at its given size.

To download all Flipboard icons and assets go to Flip.it/logos