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MagMaker / August 12, 2013


Just four months ago, we launched the 2.0 version of Flipboard, enabling any Flipboard user to curate their own Flipboard magazines. More than 2 million Flipboard magazines have already been created.

That’s a big number. But we’ve been just as impressed by the enthusiasm of the magazine-makers we’ve seen. From Cute Animals to Zoology, or from Audis to Z-Cars, Flipboard users are already curating beautiful magazines that reflect their personal passions, and many more new magazines are launched each day.

With so many people flipping so many articles, photos, songs and videos, we want to celebrate Flipboard magazines and the magazine-makers who create them. For those just getting started with Flipboard, we also want to provide practical tips on how to create interesting magazines, and how to build an audience once you do.

That’s what the Flipboard Magazines blog is all about. We’ll introduce you to some of the very best Flipboard magazines, and we’ll show you how to create your own. We’ll talk about the evolving definition of what a “magazine” is, and how to find or create Flipboard magazines that reflect your interests.

Inside Flipboard  will continue to tell you about product updates and company news. Flipboard Magazines will be a place for conversation with Flipboard’s community of magazine-makers and readers.

So let’s stay in touch. Email us anytime, and follow Flipboard Magazines on Twitter, at @FlipboardMag. Tell us about the best Flipboard magazines you’re reading. Tell us about the stories you’re telling with your magazines. Tell us how we can help you make your magazines even better. We’ll do the rest.

— Todd Lappin