Spotlight: Photographer and Web Designer Eric E. Anderson

Shona Sanzgiri / October 12, 2015

My name is Eric E. Anderson and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a web designer, a template developer at Squarespace and a practicing photographer in my offscreen time. Originally from Kansas City, I am the son of an engineer and artist. I’m equally my father’s and mother’s son, inheriting both the technical and creative side from each parent.

My quiet, Midwestern upbringing ingrained upon me a love for open spaces that was magnified by the time we spent in the southwestern United States later in life. Due to its technical nature and creative drive, photography captivated me, and I practiced landscape photography for many years into adulthood. Now a family man myself, living an urban life in New York City has inspired a whole new love for the tiny spaces that separate everyday people from the loud noise, enormous scale and sometimes overwhelming big city.

I use Flipboard as my own personal magazine builder. For me, Flipboard is the perfect way to collect and store interesting stories to read later. Feed readers and Read Later services became nothing more than a dumping ground for me—a place to put something until I forgot about it completely. When Flipboard introduced magazines to all, I was hooked. Now, every Saturday morning I read everything I’ve collected all week in one place, just for me.

I enjoy reading on Flipboard because it removes all the noise from things and lets me see what’s important. I can scan and read dozens of articles in minutes that would have taken me hours to find—let alone consume—outside of Flipboard.

The first few things I read in the morning are the latest happenings on Twitter and then diving right into Flipboard to read and share stories on subjects that interest me.

I don’t follow anyone on Flipboard, only topics and sources. There are enough social networks and I didn’t want Flipboard to become another one.

The best article I read all week was “A Surreal Summer High Above Italian Beaches” on Visual News. I found the symmetry, colors and textures of Bernhard Lange’s beach images very inspiring, almost surreal. The funny part is, I really don’t enjoy going to the beach. I know, that’s a story for another time.

My favorite topic on Flipboard is photography, without a doubt. That’s why I started Mirrorless —there is so much information constantly flying around about photography, it was hard to try and sift through it all and come away with something useful. With Mirrorless, I can curate my own photography news with exactly what interests me from the sources which I prefer to hear.

A great magazine I’ve found on Flipboard is my own, Mirrorless.

My biggest influence is my father, Ken. You don’t know him, but if you did you’d totally understand. Ken is a rock.

My “media diet” includes Twitter, Flipboard and Netflix. I like to keep things simple. I’ve found that the more media outlets I look at, the more repetition I see. So, I don’t bother searching through endless sites and apps looking for cool stuff, I let it come to me. If it’s important, I’ll see it.

A unique productivity tip of mine is stepping away. I know that sounds odd, but it works really well for me. Productivity is very similar (in my mind) to creativity. I’ve found that forcing either one becomes counterproductive. So, when I find myself struggling, I’ll stand up and walk away from what I’m working on. Taking a quick walk around SoHo clears my mind and once I return to work, the productivity flows.

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