Spotlight: Collage Artist Kara Bieber

Shona Sanzgiri / October 19, 2015

My name is Kara Bieber—no, no relation [to Justin] and, yes, it does coincidentally mean black pepper in Turkish!

My love of freedom, color and spontaneity has led me, as a collage artist, to cut up magazines by hand; reimagining their content to create a playful exploration of the realm suspended between realism and fantasy. For me, Yes Please! is a digital collage. It amuses me that on the one hand my work as a collage artist involves deconstructing the role of an editor, whilst on the other I take my obligation as an editor very seriously indeed!

I use Flipboard to consciously communicate all that I love in art, design, innovation and creation, food, fashion and travel with whomever wishes to join me in the discovery of what’s debuting and trending! Initially it started as a personal archive to house all my favorite findings I wanted to say Yes Please! to! I was astonished one day to find I had four viewers, now two years and over 21,000 later, I have great pleasure in connecting with my audience and giving another platform to all whom I admire.

I enjoy reading on Flipboard because, as a one-stop shop, it’s a dream source of global information, on every topic, from every publication.

The best article I read all week was “Melting Pop” in Colossal, a new animation from the French director and animator Alexandre Dubosc. In Colossal’s words, “This really defies any meaningful description, so just give it a watch and smile.” I couldn’t agree more!

My favorite topic on Flipboard is Design. I secretly wish I was an architect/interior designer!

A great magazine I’ve found on Flipboard is The Moment Magazine. I love how unfailingly avant-garde their features are.

My biggest influence is my intuition. Despite having curated over 10,000 articles, I am, in fact, very selective about what I put in Yes Please! I aspire to showcase a rich variety of articles, each one on another topic and from a different publication to the next.

My “media diet”…I wouldn’t exactly call it a diet! I love to gorge myself endlessly on all Flipboard has to offer, to devour an incalculable amount of TED Talks and to have my appetite whet by all the beauty of Instagram, whilst simultaneously documenting my daily inspiration and, of course, my actual diet.

A unique productivity tip of mine is to listen to my audience. So much of what I share is driven by my readers’ likes, shares and comments reacting to my posts. For example, I’ve learnt that anything pastel-colored, tattooed or graffitied is sure to be a hit. As a result, I recently created a new magazine Tattooo or Tatteww?!’! Another tip is to keep up with updating; even if it requires stealing time whilst brushing my teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil! I think this is the only way to stay ahead of the trends.

~ShonaS is reading Curation of Cool