Smart Idea: Use Flipboard Magazines to Share Tech Documents

MagMaker / October 2, 2013


We love it when Magmakers find creative ways to use Flipboard magazines, and CA Technologies has come up with an idea that made us say “Wow.”

It’s a wonderfully simple concept: Flipboard magazines that function as technical manuals.

Instead of building a dense pdf archive or launching a custom website, CA Technologies curates and arranges their how-to content into Flipboard magazines they call “Cookbooks.” The magazines are easy to create, easy to edit and easy to share, of course, but they’re also visually engaging for CA’s customers.

Rather clever!

CA Technologies also created a video to accompany their Cookbook manuals; here’s how they talk about it:

Check out CA Technologies burgeoning library of how-to Cookbooks on the CA Technologies Information Services profile page.