Oops! How to Remove Stories from Your Flipboard Magazines

MagMaker / September 19, 2013


It happens: Perhaps your finger slipped, so you ended up adding a story to the wrong magazine by mistake. Or maybe you decided that a story wasn’t really such a great fit for your magazine after all. Or maybe you’re just tired of the story and want it to go away.

Whatever the reason, if you want to remove a piece of content from any one of your Flipboard magazines, you can make it happen from within the Flipboard app. Here’s how:

To remove an item from your magazine, open the magazine in the Flipboard app and find the item you want to remove. “Tap and hold” on the item to bring up the action menu, then tap “Remove from Magazine.” Zap! The item will disappear.

As an alternative, you can also tap to open the item, then tap the Share button and tap “Remove” from the menu of options.