How to Create Your Own Catalogs on Flipboard

MagMaker / November 13, 2013


Exciting news: You can now add product listings to your Flipboard magazines via Flipboard’s updated web bookmarklet.

It’s simple. Just install the new bookmarklet, navigate to a product page from just about any retail site on the web, and use the bookmarklet to flip the item into one of your magazines.  Flipboard’s new bookmarklet can recognize product pages from many major web merchants, and it highlights item names and prices automatically:


Don’t worry if the bookmarklet doesn’t recognize one of your favorite retailers; you can still create a product page. Just click “This is a product” and enter the price information in the box:


Use the drop-down next to the price to specify a currency.

Finally, select the image that best represents the product (the larger the better), then click Next to choose the magazine in which the item will appear.

Presto! Flipboard will display the product with a red price tag to indicate that it’s a shoppable item:


Here’s a video walkthrough of the process:

That’s it — that’s all you need to do to create your own dedicated catalogs and gift guides, or to include shoppable product links in your Flipboard magazines.

Have fun, and happy shopping.

 IMAGE: Top, The Kitchen Shop by Aida B.