Get an Education in Flipboard Magazines, at MagMaker U.

MagMaker / May 8, 2014


If you want to create awesome Flipboard magazines, we’ve created a place to learn how it’s done — at MagMaker U.

There are no tuition fees or exams to pass.  MagMaker U. is simply a special collection of how-to guides and advanced tips we’ve collected for anyone who wants to build beautiful and engaging Flipboard magazines:


You’ll also find case studies that highlight some of the clever ways our community of MagMakers has put their magazines to work, as well as interviews in which some of Flipboard’s most skilled MagMakers share their wisdom and expertise:


It’s all there, and all in one place — just for you.

Spend some time with MagMaker U. to make your magazines as great as can be. Then, when you’re done, go ahead and award yourself a cap and gown.