FlipTip: Edit Your Full Name

MagMaker / August 12, 2014

Every Tuesday, we’ll have a simple tip related to MagMaking in this blog. Some tips will be for power curators, but others, like this one, are good to know if you’re just starting out.

Sometimes, the username you created at sign-up wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Never fear — you can still have any name you want on display, via your Full Name.

Your Full Name is different from your username — it can have caps and spaces — and you can change it anytime without creating a new account. To edit it, tap the red ribbon (or three-line menu icon), go to My Flipboard, then tap the gear icon at top right to Edit Profile.

This allows you to build your identity on Flipboard. Put forth the name you want on your magazine covers and how you want to be known in the MagMaker community.