#FlipboardChat Summary: Tools and Features for Curating on Flipboard

Jenn de la Vega / September 9, 2015


Every Wednesday evening, members of the Flipboard Club—an unofficial group of passionate evangelists—hold a Twitter chat about a Flipboard-centric topic. We share the tips and ideas discussed there each week. Join in the chat at 7pm PT / 10pm ET via the #FlipboardChat hashtag on Twitter. If the time zone doesn’t work for you, join this Facebook group to stay in the loop.

Last week, participants chatted about “Tools and Features for Curating on Flipboard.” Here’s what they said:

What are your favorite tools for curating content online?

What Flipboard features are most important to you when curating magazines?

How do you use the Flipboard bookmarklet to add content to magazines?

  • I use the bookmarklet in the browser all the time to flip what I find on the web. Also important for catalogs.
  • I use it on desktop ALL the time and on mobile the iOS integration acts like the bookmarklet.
  • I have the bookmarklet installed on every browser and I use it every time I see something interesting that fits a mag.
  • A great thing about the bookmarklet: you often get to choose the photo for the flip.

How do you use the Web editor on Flipboard to curate content into magazines?

  • I move content around for better flow.
  • With Web editor, you can check how flips look, change photos, delete dead links. It’s important for keeping mags in shape.
  • I check my analytics.

How can you use Flipboard analytics to help curate content for your magazines?

  • Based on your analytics, you know what kinds of content your audience likes and dislikes. Flip accordingly.
  • Sometimes I will look for those types of top stories to flip and/or use as a mag cover.
  • It’s a deep dive into what your readers want to see!

In what ways can Flipboard group magazines be used as a tool for curation?

  • Everyone has different perspectives on an issue and different sources they prefer. Group mags give you that diversity.
  • It’s more sets of curation eyes.
  • Other perspectives mean a fuller scope.
  • We have used group mags for events where everyone shares content, photos, videos and blog posts afterward.

Do you prefer to curate using the Flipboard mobile app or the Web bookmarklet? Why?

  • I’m on my laptop most of the day so I use that most of the time. But, since iOS 8, I also like the iPhone app.
  • I prefer to curate with the Web bookmarklet, but I use both (mobile app and bookmarklet).
  • I love the mobile app but slightly prefer the desktop because it gives me more control.
  • I rarely use my home laptop or PC at work to access Flipboard. The iPad is my curation device of choice, so mobile wins!
  • Depends on what mode I’m in. I have mostly used my phone; that’s how I fell in love with It.
  • For a “deep dive” I use the bookmarklet. It allows you to do a lot and the Web provides tons of content not in Topics.
  • I frequently flip photos and not articles, so image choice doesn’t matter as much to me.  I’ve chosen the photo.

How do you use Flipboard topics to find and curate content for magazines?

  • I use topics on Flipboard to find content on specific subjects from sources I’m not familiar with.
  • I’m a “see more/less of this” champ. I like a finely tuned topic river. When I crave chaos, I come to Twitter.
  • If I want to have a debate or watch people who disagree fight? Facebook is handy. In Flipboard I seek like minds.
  • I search by keyword if I don’t use Topics. Quick way to find what I’m looking for.

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club