#FlipboardChat Summary: Curating Magazine Collections (Metazines)

Jenn de la Vega / October 7, 2015


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Last week, participants chatted about “Curating Magazine Collections (Metazines). Here’s what they said:

What are some good ways to organize information for students?

  • In the old days, teachers would make students put handouts in binders. Now students can use Flipboard Mags.
  • Use a hashtag for your class so they can find the information you set out easily.
  • You can also pull material into a blog.
  • Have a roadmap. Be very clear on study focus.
  • Send links to websites in Flipboard so students K-2 can access websites quickly and safely. They go right to the site you want them to see, not some random place.
  • I use Google Classroom to share info with students.
  • We have our son still using journals to take notes. Slowly working his way into Flipboard mags by subject.

Do you currently curate or co-curate a Flipboard metazine (magazine of magazines)? If so, what for?

When would you opt to flip an entire Flipboard magazine instead of curating individual articles?

  • I sometimes flip a mag into one of my mags because it’s similar.
  • When you find yourself flipping every article in a magazine, you might as well flip the entire magazine.
  • I think it is most useful when you have a “BIG” topic. Like “World Cup Magazines.”
  • When you need an umbrella. Think about other pertinent magazines you could add.
  • When you want your readers to see other magazines on the same topic. Or when there are a lot of articles to include!
  • Cross-promotion purposes: If you like this magazine, then you may also enjoy these other mags.
  • Would flip a mag if I wanted to see “fresh” content that is coming from a reliable source.

How can educators use a collection of Flipboard magazines to plan their school year?

  • Collection mags are perfect for planning curriculum. You can have 1 for each class in a meta mag, or one for each subject.
  • You can put each chapter into a new magazine and flip them into one for the course, along with the syllabus.
  • You could have a mag for each grading period. Collect them all together in a metazine for the year.
  • One idea that comes to mind is to have a metazine per grade or for the “sports teams” or the “school clubs.”
  • This option gives clear visuals/road map to the students on what is upcoming during the school year.
  • Could organize unit resources into different magazines and then combine them together into a metazine.
  • College admissions and career specific guides.

What is a good criteria to use when selecting Flipboard Magazines to share in a metazine?

  • I would use the same criteria as flipping content into my own mag. Has to come from a good source and look good.
  • Magazines with fresh content.
  • Do they fit in the scope of the metazine? Do they portray content in a cohesive way?
  • Relevancy perhaps. Although the curator may have other interesting magazines, offtopic.

In what ways can teachers and students collaborate to create Flipboard magazine collections?

  • Group magazines! Do a deep dive into a subject together.
  • Build student portfolios complete with GIFs and SoundCloud recordings of topics mastered.
  • A class assignment for the students to create a Flipboard mag; teacher collects them all in a collection mag (metazine).
  • A metamag can be a group mag. Students can flip their own mags.
  • Teachers can get the mag started and let the students creativity take over the rest!

What are the benefits of using Flipboard magazine collections (metazines) in any industry?

  • Provides depth. If a certain topic or story needs attention, a metazine is perfect for the task
  • They look cool.
  • You can show breadth and depth into an industry with metazines.
  • Sometimes you just have a “these magazines belong together” curating idea, like my metazine of mags about chocolate.

How often should you update a Flipboard metazine and how do you ensure it stays relevant and timely?

  • You have to be on top of a metazine as with any mag. Mags lose covers, etc. Also check for more relevant ones.
  • I think at least part of it needs to be updated every day or 2. Probably depends on the content located inside.
  • Update your metazine’s individual magazines and add new ones as often as necessary. It keeps people interested.
  • Depends on subject, but as often as possible. Nothing worse than stories last updated in 2012.
  • It’s harder to monitor a metazine, because you need to click through the individual mags.  Mags do change scope!

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club