#FlipboardChat Summary: Creative Magazine Ideas for New Parents

Jenn de la Vega / August 19, 2015


Every Wednesday evening, members of the Flipboard Club—an unofficial group of passionate evangelists—hold a Twitter chat about a Flipboard-centric topic. We share the tips and ideas discussed there each week.

Last week, participants chatted about “Creative Magazine Ideas for New Parents.” Here’s what they said:

What are your go-to websites or blogs for parenting information?

 How can new parents benefit from using Flipboard and personalized magazines?

  • Info, commiserate and educate.
  • Typing in topics related to the age of your kids can open your eyes to new ideas.
  • A mag is a great way to share pics & stories with family members, leaving your child’s Internet footprint untouched.
  • It doesn’t stop with the curating. Parents can talk to each other on Flipboard Mags.
  • All kids are individuals, so if you can create topic mags, you may find new individuals with more similar experiences.
  • Curate school clothing ideas, sports equipment or coordinate a resale in a magazine when they outgrow them.
  • Topics are a great way to fuel your own mag, just read, get ideas, (again) commiserate! do I see a theme.
  • I wish Flipboard was around when mine were young. It’s a great place to customize your child raring w/mags.
  • A summer activity magazine.
  • You can team up,with family members that have kids the same age. A cousin magazine!
  • I’d keep milestone mags & little personal baby books of all my kids with.

What topics and sources on Flipboard would be helpful for new parents to follow?

  • Very simply parenting has been one of my go to.
  • Kids, travel, fun are all great parenting topics on Flipboard.  
  • Don’t forget about the education and homeschooling topics! It’s never too early to start.
  • “Travel With Kids” should be a topic.
  • Quick recipes or menu of healthy meals with a shopping list and the phone numbers chefs, nannies and sitters.

What types of material or content can new parents include in Flipboard Magazines?

  • ANYTHING! That is the beauty. Ideas, inspiration, parenting tips, tricks, and of course guidance from other parents.
  • Images, stories using the Compose tool, videos, sound clips, flip it all.
  • New parents can collect info on the “next stage” so that they have a database ready.
  • Something that involves common parent mistakes and solutions.
  • Videos would be really cool. I’m imagining videos of your baby’s milestones and funny moments.
  • What about a mag designed FOR kids? My niece loves to look at pics on phone. What about Disney images, videos, & music?
  • How to survive and thrive through the ‘terrible twos.’
  • How to save money while meeting the needs of your children.

 What are some creative ways new parents can use Flipboard Magazines?

  • FLIP COMPOSE. Milestones & memories.
  • Maybe a big brother/sister mag if there is a new baby.  I have one mag that is just pics of my two Grandkids together.
  • What about fun activities that your baby enjoys? Favorite shows, games, places, etc.
  • With all the tools available, you can use it as a baby book, minus the lock of hair (with private setting).
  • Could also make it like a YouTube playlist.
  • Get together with other parents once a month and share one new, ‘tried-and-true’ Flipboard learning/experience.
  • One with SoundCloud playlist of lullabies.
  • Curate a Flipboard for each child with content you want them to know.  Then talk to them about it!

How can new parents use the Compose tool to enhance their Flipboard magazines?

  • Memories, thoughts, learnings and reminders of the type of parent you’d like to be (and the one you don’t want to be).
  • Ask questions! I’d bet money that every new parent has a ton of questions. Let other parents help you.
  • I would only do this with private mag, but you can add photos, and leave messages for the child to read when she’s older.
  • Compose lets you add your own notes and journal items. Tell their story!  
  • Create a record of special events/memories and collective family ‘wishes’ for the future…how to make world better.
  • Add commentary when adding articles to your mag.

 How can new parents on Flipboard make use of group magazines?

  • If you already have a trusted group of friends, work together to find resources.
  • Decide who you want to contribute to your kid’s magazine and who you want to view it. Privacy options are yours!
  • Private group mags can be a spinoff of playgroups. Keep in touch all through the week.
  • Share all the “firsts” with videos, audio, images, etc.
  • Work with classroom / daycare parents or moms/dads groups to sharing info.
  • It would be a perfect way for a daycare teacher to communicate with parents!
  • Work with a group to show the many ways to raise a child. Not one way is perfect and you can learn from other perspectives.
  • I think it would be neat to see a group curated mag of parents of multiples, or who adopt from a different culture.

What can parents do with a Flipboard Magazine when they move beyond the “new” stage?

  • CRAFTS! Can’t wait to paint with my daughter
  • I think parents can keep the mag as is as a reference for other parents, or let it grow up with the kid.
  • Keep updating that Flipboard Mag! Baby to toddler to preschooler to kindergartener and beyond!
  • For school age children, parents can collaborate for year-end class mags (pics, videos, moments).
  • You can use your baby mags as educational tools. Make them group mags with a new parent.
  • A mag to keep a kid busy on a road trip. Mix some education in with some fun videos.
  • A magazine devoted to their hobbies. I was a swimmer growing up and would have loved a magazine all about swimming.

~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club