#FlipboardChat: How Sports Teams Can Use Flipboard Magazines

Jenn de la Vega / August 11, 2015


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Last week, participants chatted about “How Sports Teams Can Use Flipboard Magazines.” Here’s what they said:

What is your favorite sports team and how do you engage with them online?

How can sports teams benefit from using Flipboard Magazines?

  • A sports team could show their players, behind the scenes, road games — and engage with fans on a Flipboard mag.
  • More ‘get to know your players’ info/interviews for every team member, not just big names.
  • Sports teams can benefit from using the sharing features and promote their video streams.
  • Fans like to talk about their teams and experience the game as if they’re there. Teams should give us that experience.
  • Make a highlight reel on Hudl and share it through Flipboard.
  • The latest compose tool and the comments can really help sports teams connect with their readers.
  • Teams may benefit sharing more intimate stories about life outside of team so fans see they are people, too.

What are some creative ideas for Flipboard magazines by a sports team?

  • The athlete diet mag could be really cool, nutritional advice from the coach to play your best.
  • Instagram selfies, team news.
  • Behind scenes as mentioned, All-22 films breakdown of plays (football). Different angles on plays. Lots of cool stuff.
  • Video interviews with players or coaches. Hold contests!
  • Teams could create mags about any community work or volunteering they do.
  • Following a new player from his first day on the team.

How often should a sports magazine on Flipboard be updated?

  • Depending on the sport of course, could be every day, could be every week. Up to the curator to decide.
  • Everyday…you always need to have new information to keep readers coming back.
  • As often as there are games! Definitely a lot during the season. And as often as there’s good content off-season.
  • Only if there is enough content to do it daily.
  • During NBA Free agency the past month, the news was fast and furious. No pun intended. Very frequently.
  • Everyday esp during season. Nothing worse than finding a cool mag last updated in 2013.
  • For the World Cup, some of those folks were flipping 20x a day.
  • Usually with live action, in-between games and offseason content.

How can sports teams promote Flipboard magazines to build readership?

  • Teams should leverage their social media networks on FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Here’s one place sports teams have a real advantage because they can promote during games to huge audiences.
  • QR codes in sports venues, using Blippar for Augmented Reality magazines.
  • They should share their magazines on their social media networks on #FlipboardFriday!
  • Or they could put the URL or a QR code to the mag on their scoreboards! So much opportunity to promote.
  • Get the Flipboard icon displayed on website. Partner with team to curate.
  • With Flipboard advertising or via fans, social, bloggers, reporters can share.

How can sports teams use Flipboard magazines to interact with fans during the season?

  • With Compose, teams can ask questions and get feedback.
  • Fandom things like fantasy football stats and league leaders…free tickets and contests.
  • Share exclusive content we can’t find on Facebook or even Periscope. Also, ask us questions through Compose!
  • There could be interactive activities through their scoreboards or student groups using Flipboard.

In what ways can sports teams use Flipboard during the off-season?

  • These days there is no off-season. There are trades and training camp, injuries, summer leagues, scandals, etc.
  • Share players at home, what do they do in off season, hobbies.
  • Keep fans interested by showcasing team members during practice, share stories and family Instagram pics.
  • Don’t forget about charity work done by teams during the off-season! Highlight the contributions to the community.
  • Free tours of Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
  • Probably the best time for behind the scenes content. Keeps fans connected to the team when media focus dies down.
  • Keep team top of mind w changes in players,staff, announcers…Many have festivals. Follow the cup. Preview season etc
  • Great way to market some new merchandise for the upcoming season. New jerseys or uni’s? Flip them out.

What is your best advice for choosing cover photos for a Flipboard magazine about a sport?

  • Make sure the main action is focused and in the center of the photo. Account for different sized mobile screens or web!
  • High def action photos like the old Sports Illustrated.
  • Choose a high-quality, striking image. I prefer action shots. Test it on multiple devices.
  • Fans submit their own pics and followers pick?
  • I like a fan cover. It is more personal.
  • Pick a quintessential moment from game/season. Sports offers so many great pics to choose from, hard to go wrong.
  • If it’s about a specific team, make it current, high-quality, and fun! You want it to represent the team positively.

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club