All About Group Magazines

MagMaker / June 12, 2015

Group magazines are great for uniting communities and teams around content. For example, best friends or family can share memories in one place, a class may collect articles for a project or a company can privately share updates with employees.

Here’s how to create a group mag in 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit your profile in-app and scroll to the bottom. Tap the “New” button and you will be presented with a prompt for adding a magazine title and description.
  2. Decide if you want the magazine to be public or private; slide the pill to the left to make it private. If it is green, that means the magazine is visible to the public.
  3. Once the magazine is created, tap the button on the cover to invite contributors via email. Invitations are valid for up to two weeks.

Then, inspire your group by adding stories: use the + button on the corner of any item in Flipboard to flip content into magazines.



See these outstanding group magazines as examples:

…and tell us about your own by tweeting to @FlipboardMag. We love hearing how you use Flipboard.

~The Flipboard Team