5 Magazines for Your TV Viewing Pleasure

MagMaker / July 22, 2015


A good TV show can be like a good book: consuming, addictive and something you can’t stop talking about. You know the ones defining this “Golden Age of television“—shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development and True Detective. Whether you’re watching live TV, catching up on your DVR or streaming a show on Netflix or Hulu, here are 5 Flipboard Magazines to help you decide what to turn on and tune out to next.

I Love TV by CinemaoftheMind: An all-out guide to current TV.

Critical Television by ninakat467: This magazine includes the best-reviewed and highest-rated shows.

Premium TV Series by Rick Hird: Don’t have a Netflix account? This magazine keeps you up-to-date with the shows you should be familiar with on HBO, Showtime, Starz and more.

Too Much TV by Todd E Scott: A frequently updated magazine for those obsessed with news about the industry.

Netflix New Streaming Titles by Frank Marquez: Never miss a beat on Netflix’s new movies, original shows and specials.

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~NabeelC is reading Game of Thrones Obsession