Which Team Magazine Will Win the Flip Bowl?

Inside Flipboard / August 27, 2013

The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. School has already begun for some and for others is just around the corner. There is, however, one silver lining to this horrible, gathering cloud: American football season is upon us.

We know a lot of you have made fan mags for your favorite teams—and we want to encourage that. We think, in fact, that the best coverage of teams will come from our growing community of magazine makers. We want to build a roster of the best, fan-based NFL team magazines we can find on Flipboard. So we have a request: Send us the name of your favorite football team magazine. We’ll pick the best 32 mags and rally the fans by featuring them throughout the season.

We’re looking for magazines that aim to be timely and complete, but edited—meaning you and your co-editors (you should definitely do this with your pals) will find the best stories, but not necessarily every story. You’ll have great pictures and video and Tweets from your team. We’ll feature those magazines in a variety of ways throughout the whole, glorious season, which, we bet, will get you a ton of readers. Then, on or around the Super Bowl, we’ll anoint the best of the bunch based on some combination of number of readers, timeliness, thoroughness, story mix and group effort. Go team.

Are you ready for some football? Email your nominations to pigskin@flipboard.com before the regular season begins, on Thursday night, Sept. 5 by September 12.