What I’m Reading: Photographer Bill Rose

Inside Flipboard / November 6, 2013


Photographer Bill Rose is on a mission to document the last signs of vintage America. Every year, Rose, a digital marketer, drives thousands of miles through backroads and forgotten two-lane highways in search of the neon signs that once defined an era. The bright lights have since dimmed, replaced with a more modern aesthetic.

“These relics of the American roadside have stood for decades but are now highly endangered as ‘progress’ continues to win the war against preservation,” wrote Rose in an email. “Frankly, we are close to losing these signs forever. I consider it my job to make sure that they will at least live on through pictures should traditional preservation efforts fail.”

Rose has documented his trips, findings and photos on his blog Recapturist, and has also flipped his travels into a similarly titled magazine called Recaptured. We thought he was the perfect candidate to ask “What’s on your Flipboard?”

Here’s his response.

Twitter: Flipboard is hands down my favorite way to read my Twitter feed. If you’re using another app, you’re missing out.

The Art of Manliness: I love this one. Consistently interesting content and advice that I find myself regularly trying to incorporate into my life. It’s like an ever updating handbook of how to be a more thoughtful, productive and well-rounded human. Plus, where else will you find an illustrated guide that teaches you how to walk like a ninja?

Our Modern Ruins: I am obsessed with abandoned places and this mag provides me with an endless stream of images from all over the world. Everything from airplane boneyards in the American desert to, my personal favorite, an abandoned Communist headquarters in Bulgaria.

Abduzeedo: Hard to pronounce, but easy to love. A daily dose of beautiful design from across the web: illustration, graphic design, typography, architecture, photography…you name it. Lot’s of inspiration and links to free downloads always make it worth a few flips.

Feature Shoot: I find it fascinating to see what other photographers are doing and Feature Shoot highlights some of the most interesting photographic projects around. I always get motivated to improve some aspect of my photography after flipping through their feed.

Deadspin: It’s basically the TMZ of the sports world. What’s not to love?


Typography & Lettering: The name speaks for itself. Beautiful typography and lettering from talented designers of all types curated into a handy Flipboard mag. Makes me want to enroll in art school every time.

Vintage Matchbooks and Matchboxes Pool: If you’ve never stopped to appreciate the artwork on vintage matchbooks, you’re missing out. The designers back then were brilliant in their craft. And they did it all by hand, no computers. Just because a profession is dead doesn’t mean it should be forgotten.

Meme Mania: A guilty pleasure, sure. I need my memes streamlined right into my digital veins.

After you’re done checking out what Rose has subscribed to, swing by his magazine highlighting his adventures by tapping the cover below.

Recaptured: Rose’s magazine that documents the aesthetics of vintage signs, typography and logos.