Topics Launch for Readers in the UK and India

Inside Flipboard / January 29, 2015

Until now, Flipboard’s 34,000 topics have been only accessible to readers in the U.S. and Canada. But with today’s update, readers in the UK and India can access topics, too, including some tailored to local life and culture. Examples include “Parliament,” “The City,” “Royal Baby,” “English Premier League,” “Lok Sabha,” “Indian Super League” and “Indian food.”

If you’re using the UK or India version of Flipboard, you’ll be asked to select topics via the new topic picker which you’ll get after updating your Flipboard. You can also search to find a topic or tap on topic tags shown on articles. It’s easy to follow any topic: tap the “follow” button to have stories from that topic—and from magazines the Flipboard community is curating about that topic—added to your Flipboard.

Flipboard magazines are unique packages of articles, photos and videos on just about anything you can imagine (see “British Shorthair” and “Wing Tzun.”) These people-powered collections are indexed by our algorithms and presented to readers via topic tags on stories and in search. Topics combine Zite technology with human curation to give you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. And if you’re a magazine curator (or “MagMaker,” as we like to say) in the UK and India, you may find that more local people are discovering what you’re curating through topics.

~MartyR is curating “Thinking About Football