The Week in Review: It’s For the Fans

Inside Flipboard / September 20, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area residents Judy Spelman and Rich Schiller spent last Sunday wallowing in defeat. They watched their beloved local football team, the 49ers, get trampled by their arch rival, the Seattle Seahawks, losing 29-3.

The two blamed the loss on Seattle’s 12th man—aka the local crowd who drowned out the visiting quarterback’s audible calls. The screaming Seahawk fans set a world record of 136.6 decibels that Sunday, the loudest stadium noise ever recorded. Spelman and Schiller were so incensed, they shared their grievance in a letter to The San Francisco Chronicle—and that screed quickly went viral, becoming the latest chapter in the storied Seahawks-Niners rivalry.

In the spirit of celebrating the signal rather than the noise, we dedicate this week to the fans of all variety. This week, we pay tribute to NFL diehards, videogame devotees, Apple fanboys and girls, the celebrity and even papal obsessed.
Fans—this one’s for you.

Fanboyism: On all things Apple, with the latest on iOS 7.

GTA V: Everything you’ll need to know about this year’s highly anticipated open world video game.

Seattle Seahawks: With apologies to Ms. Spelman and Mr. Schiller, a tribute to the team of the north…west.

NFL Fan Mags: A collection of all other top tier NFL fan mags.

Yeezy Taught Me: An homage to a 21st century renaissance man.

Old Cars: Collecting the coolest articles and photos of beautiful moving antiques.

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