Spotlight On: The Many Facets of Brazil

Inside Flipboard / August 5, 2014


Whenever I say I am from Brazil, I usually get a big smile and comments about soccer and the country’s beautiful beaches. The friendly attitude of many Brazilians and the amazing landscapes of South America’s largest and only Portuguese-speaking country are well known.

But Brazil has many facets that go beyond carnival, samba and futbol.

You can’t define a place with a single broad stroke, and this is especially true for Brazil. With its paradisiac beaches, delicious food, creative music, infamous favelas and deep social problems, Brazil is a country of striking contrasts. It has a vast supply of natural resources, yet suffers with poverty and social inequality. It has a sophisticated business sector and a large consumer market, but it lags behind in global education and infrastructure. It’s an enormous country with searing heat in the north to snow in the south, and amazes visitors with the modernity of its megacities and the wilderness of its Amazon rainforest.

After over a decade living in the U.S., there are things I miss about Brazil: the solidarity, sensuality, joy and openness that are hallmarks of its people. But I’m glad that my job as a Flipboard curator allows me to keep in touch with Brazil’s culture and readers. Here are some magazines that remind me of home:

Brazil-Brasil-Brasile-Brésil-Brasilien by Bia Valle: Facts, figures and fun about Brazil.

Oh Brazil! by Bibi Voyles: News and insights on Brazil.

Travel Diary Brazil by Flipboard Photo Desk Presented By Microsoft: Photo essays created during the World Cup, documenting the many faces and places in the country.

Graffiti, Street Art & Mural Brazil by RedeFric: Brazilian creativity stamped in the streets.

Awesome Capoeira by Gloria Lin: The beauty and flow of Brazilian dance-fighting.

Travel Brazil by Tony Galvez: News, info and travel tips.

To learn more about Flipboard’s Brazilian community, check out our Inside Flipboard Brasil blog, follow @Flipboard_BR on Twitter and our Flipboard Brasil page on Facebook. (That’s right: for ultimate authenticity, Brasil is written with an “s” in Portuguese.)

~CarolF is curating “Brasil