Meet the Editor: Manage Your Magazines on the Web

Inside Flipboard / May 9, 2013


The “Flip It” button gets a major new expansion today: the Flipboard Editor, which gives all Flipboard curators more control over their magazines, including reordering items, promoting covers and viewing readership stats—all from a Web interface.

To create your own magazine, you’ll need a Flipboard account. Then, you can tap on the + button on any article, photo or video within Flipboard, or get the “Flip It” button and drag it to your browser bar. Whenever you come across a Web page you want to add to a magazine, click “Flip It.” You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Flipboard username and password, after which you can place the item into any of your magazines or create a new one. Head to Flipboard on your phone or tablet to see your magazine in the My Flipboard area.

Now you can also go to to manage the flow of the story you’re telling in your magazine, as well as your library of magazines as a whole. Click on your magazine, and you can see all of its stories in a card view; drag and drop them into any order, delete items, even set a new cover—right from the dashboard. There’s also a bird’s eye view of your audience size, your own curation activity and your reader interactions, such as comments, likes and reflips.

~The Flipboard Team