Mashable Is Now Flippable

Inside Flipboard / January 28, 2014


Like so many people who become successful adults, Pete Cashmore struggled as a kid. When he was 13, he had an appendectomy—complications from it kept him mostly homebound for a number of years. To amuse himself, he sat in front of a computer at his parents’ home in Scotland. Since this was around the turn of the century, the computer turned out to be a portal to the world, and the teenager read everything he could about the information revolution. The Internet was beginning to show its social side when young Cashmore needed it most, and he moved in.

He dabbled in blogging, which was a new thing in those days, and wrote about his discoveries, and insights, in a plain English that attracted his fellow travellers. In 2005, at the age of 19, he launched a proper blog, called Mashable, which took off like a kayak in a flood. These days, “Cashmore’s blog” claims some 20 million readers a month and has become one of the most well-read and trusted technology-centric sites on the Web.

You can now read Mashable on Flipboard, where it has been paginated and otherwise made even more readable. Tap the badge below.