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Jenn de la Vega / July 17, 2015


Follow @Flipboard on Twitter for product updates, FlipTips and ways to go deep on the latest news breaking around the world. You can also check out the Flipboard team Twitter list to see what we’re chattering about.

We have several other accounts and campaigns to watch:

  • @FlipMarketer: our newest resource for all communication professionals.
  • @FlipboardCS: the community support team is here to answer questions and walk you through any issues you might have.
  • @FlipboardMag: share your magazines with this account and get advice about MagMaking.

What do all of our hashtags mean?

  • #FlipEDU: our resource for educators, faculty and students. Use #FlipEDU to share your education magazines with us.
  • #MagsWeLove: it’s exactly what it says, we like to share magazines that we love. You can see the whole collection in our metazine.
  • #FlipTip: daily tips with helpful photos or GIFs to take your Flipboard experience to the next level.
  • #TopicLove: sometimes we want to draw your attention to an interesting topic page, which are sourced from your magazine flips!
  • #MyMagazine: an opportunity for you to tell us who you are what your magazine is all about.

Every Wednesday, the @FlipboardClub hosts #FlipboardChat from 7pm PT/10pm ET for one hour. We like to jump in and be available for questions related to that week’s topic. We host chat summaries (and tons more tips!) on the Flipboard MagMaker blog.

Additionally, we like to participate in the Flipboard Club‘s weekly call, #FlipboardFriday, where you can share your magazines or a great magazine you’ve found to Twitter.

Flipboard, your social magazine is actually very social on your favorite networks. Follow along and see how you can connect with us further.

~jdlv is tweeting from @FlipboardMag