Flipboard Is Coming to Windows

Inside Flipboard / June 26, 2013


As reported earlier today, Flipboard will be coming to Windows later this year.

Flipboard will be custom-made for this new platform, allowing Windows users to read, create and share magazines on virtually any topic imaginable. Microsoft fans have already proven to be passionate curators on Flipboard—see magazines like The Micro-Times,Love My Windows Phone and Flip Your Geek. Now they’ll be able to curate and enjoy content from Windows computers and devices, joining many more enthusiasts already rallying around everything from global issues (The Collapsing Climate) to personal interests (Fixie).

We’ll be sure to share more details about the full Flipboard on Windows experience closer to launch, but in the meantime here’s a very brief sneak peek shown today at The Build conference keynote.

~The Flipboard Team