Flipboard For Corporate Teams

Inside Flipboard / October 1, 2013


In this week’s Flipboard for You series, we explore how corporate teams can use Flipboard to keep up with company news, share industry articles with colleagues or showcase your company to those who aren’t familiar with what you do. Here’s how:

1. Stay Up On Company and Industry News: Set up your Flipboard to quickly track posts from your company and competitors, as well as industry news. Tap the search icon to search for anything, including Twitter handles and hashtags, Facebook pages and Instagram photos. If there’s a source you read regularly, tap Subscribe to add future updates to your Cover Stories.
Save coverage you love and customer feedback into individual magazines.

Flipboard Fans by Jon Virtes

What They’re Saying by Carolyn Weyforth Glanville

2. Share Your Expertise: Harness your industry knowledge in a magazine focused on your field. Collect articles, photos and videos from prominent sources and influencers, and consider including your own voice through blog posts (Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger) and social media. You can even create a hub for experts in your area by inviting colleagues and others to co-curate with you.

The Future of HR by Tom Haak

This Week in Social Media by Scott Monty by Scott Monty (Ford)

Retail Insights by Brian Numainville

3. Inform Your Team: A Flipboard magazine can serve as an internal reading list or newsletter. Include items that everyone should read, corporate insights and information on career development.

Digital U by Daniel Phan (Target)

Think, Thought, Imagine by Latham Arneson and and Bharat Sharma

4. Curate as a Recruiting Tool: A magazine can tell people about your company culture. Create a magazine to spread the word about your firm, its staff and the work you do through employee pictures, press coverage and more.

Life @ L’Oréal USA by L’Oréal

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