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Inside Flipboard / March 31, 2011

Well, there’s no denying it’s tax season, that wonderful time of year when we tally up our contribution to the common good.  We’ve put together a set of suggested sources that revovle around preparing your taxes, learning more about personal finance, and business news.

CNN Money is a great resource for all kinds of financial news, including great personal finance tips.  CNN Money also tracks Fortune and Money magazines as well, so you’re getting three great resources in one section.

Inc. Magazine is the magazine for entrepreneurs and full of inspired news about emerging business and how you can begin your own company.

Add a section for Harvard Business Review on your Flipboard to receive the latest blog posts, Management Tips of the Day, Daily Stats, and more from the brilliant minds at Harvard.  Now we can all say we’ve been to Harvard!

IRS News is going to be the most important if you have not yet completed your taxes for this year. Believe it or not, the IRS is tweeting now and posting helpful videos on YouTube. It’s a newer, social Internal Revenue Service, though you probably don’t want them “following you” after you’ve filed your taxes.

Finance is the Flipboard curated list of excellent financial resources, for a bird’s eye view of all things related to economics and money.

We hope you find these new sections helpful.  Remember, these are only some suggestions.  You can always create sections on your Flipboard for the news and information that is most important to you.  Just tap “Add a Section” and search for what you would like.

Please don’t leave your taxes for the last minute.  That’s never any fun.

~ JonV