Android Readers Can Enjoy Four New Country Editions

Inside Flipboard / October 3, 2013


Flipboard is expanding its global reach with the launch of four new editions for Android smartphone users in India, Latin America, Russia and Arabic-speaking nations. So if your phone is set to a country in these regions, or if you’re a new Flipboard reader in these areas, you’ll automatically get a new, localized version of Flipboard with its own Content Guide edition.

Each new Content Guide contains a handpicked selection of magazines, newspapers and blogs representing key local voices, as well as global perspectives from publishers such as BBC and Al-Jazeera. The Guides offer hundreds of reading recommendations across 13 categories, including news, business, tech, sports, photos & design, arts & culture, living, style and more. They also surface some of the best reader-curated magazines already created by fans in these regions.

You can explore these new Content Guide editions—or all 19 of them—by tapping on the red ribbon, tapping on “New & Noteworthy” and scrolling down to the Content Guide Edition picker.

~The Flipboard Team