Space: A New Feed for the Final Frontier

Inside Flipboard / September 20, 2012

If you’re interested in spaceflight and space exploration, these are the best of times and the worst of times. America’s space shuttle fleet has been retired, leaving the United States without any NASA-operated vehicles that can carry humans into space. In addition, plans to send astronauts to the Moon and Mars have been shelved. Yet on the positive side, private-sector spaceflight is booming, a new rover just landed successfully on Mars, the International Space Station is fully operational—and social media makes all of this feel as close as your smartphone.

Today Flipboard is launching a Space feed to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in space travel and exploration. As a special treat, and to get things started, our resident transportation geek Todd Lappin (whose day job at Flipboard straddles editorial curation and engineering) scored an invite to NASA’s Dreyden Research center in Southern California to watch space shuttle Endeavour arrive for its final ferry-flight to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Using the hashtag #flipshuttle, he plans to post photos from the landing in the feed, in addition to touring the shuttle-carrier 747 on the tarmac.

To see it all, just add the Space feed to your Flipboard.

To see it all, just add the Space feed to your Flipboard.