A Faster, More Beautiful Flipboard—Just in Time for a Faster, More Beautiful iPad

Inside Flipboard / November 1, 2013


Today’s edition of Flipboard for iOS is all about performance and polish. Flipboard now runs faster on all iOS devices, including the iPad Air and iPad Mini. It’s a fast, beautiful edition made for the sleek new iPad.

In addition, touches throughout continue to embrace the fresh, modern design of iOS 7. For example, the social action icons like the like heart and comment bubble have had a makeover, and avatars are now round. The visual experience of Flipboard should feel more streamlined.

Other features of this edition include:

  • The ability to change text size settings in the app.
  • More section tiles on the first page on iPhone 5 and 5S.
  • On-screen alerts when there are new items in a feed.

Update your Flipboard today to experience these enhancements.

~The Flipboard Team