How to Create a Brochure for Your School

Jenn de la Vega / April 7, 2015

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With the rise of tech in education, a natural step is to get your school’s presence online. You can unlock a lot of potential if you think about a Flipboard magazine as a digital pamphlet or brochure to distribute information. The advantages include saving on printing costs, paper and time to produce. A great way to display your magazine is embedded on your website. You can also show it off on a tablet in your waiting room or on computer screens during back-to-school night.

In a previous post, we’ve covered how to make a magazine for class. The process is the same except this time the approach is different.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Campus and school culture tour
  • Available programs of study
  • Sport team information
  • Guidance counselor supplements
  • Club directory

A compelling cover is important, attractive and should capture the essence of your institution or program. If you are going to showcase students or teachers in action, make sure you have the permission to do so.

Your magazine description can expand on the title and provide more context for what is contained in your “brochure.” If your school shares a name with another, be sure to include your city, website URL and grade levels or subject, so visitors know they’ve found the right magazine. You can also place an email address in your description, as long as you provide a way for visitors to receive more information.

As far as flipping content into your brochure, you can start with a welcome letter or explanation hosted on your website, blog or Medium.

News pieces about your program or school can provide testimonials. For example, you’d share an article about high test scores if you want to highlight your curriculum or sport team wins from the local paper if you’re looking to recruit new members.

Add original photos by connecting your social accounts. If you’re using an Android or iOS phone, tap the following tab (four square icon), select Accounts and log into your preferred networks.

connect social accts

To add pictures directly from your device on iOS, use the share extension from the Photos app.


On Android, tap into your photo gallery. Select the image, then the share icon. Choose Flipboard from the list of options and select your magazine. Now, when you navigate to the magazine, you should see the flipped item from your photo gallery.

Lastly, you should conclude the Flipboard magazine with a sign off, contact information or websites for more information.

It’s important to strike a balance with enough pages to flip to feel like a mini-magazine, but also compact enough to relay the information you need to communicate. Remember to refresh your brochure every year or as needed. It’s quick and easy now that you can edit magazines from

Showcase your school’s Flipboard brochure by tweeting the link to @FlipboardMag with the #FlipEDU hashtag.

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