Flipping with Wharton Magazine Editor Matthew Brodsky

Mia Quagliarello / April 24, 2015

Since Matthew Brodsky came on as editor of the Wharton Magazine in 2011, he’s overseen an explosion of content at the business school publication. The magazine’s “premier platform” is its quarterly print edition—Brodsky says most alums enjoy reading it this way—but he knew he could not ignore the digital side. So he helmed two website re-designs; launched daily blogging through a large blog network featuring students, staff, alumni and faculty; continued to produce video and photography content; and ramped up activity on social media. (Just writing that sentence made us tired.)

He also thought about how he might bring the cherished print edition of the Wharton Magazine to mobile readers. His team built an app for the four issues per year, and they considered creating app-only issues until they realized just as robust digital options were available. “So instead of investing money into designing an app-only experience, we said, ‘Let’s try a social media tool that’s already been built’—and that’s where Flipboard came in,” he explains.

Wharton Magazine’s Flipboard magazine, called Best of Digital, showcases the original content being produced by Brodsky’s team, as well as interesting and relevant pieces from across the Wharton community—like blog posts from research centers, articles on LinkedIN and YouTube videos.

“We hope that it can serve as a way for the school to share all the great knowledge that gets developed here on campus every day,” Brodsky says. And while current students, faculty and alumni will clearly benefit from staying connected to what’s happening at the school, there’s another audience Brodsky is courting with his Flipboard magazine: aspiring students. “It’s way to share with people who might never set foot on campus.”

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