ESL Teacher Picks Favorite Magazines for English Learners

Educators / August 10, 2015


For the past 26 years, I’ve been instructing adults, mainly business executives, helping them communicate better in English.

My instructional practice is student-centered, tailormade to meet my students’ needs and includes very few textbooks. My students speak a lot in class and co-create the curriculum by choosing the subjects they think are relevant and interesting. During the guided conversation, they have to use the new vocabulary and structure they’ve just learned.

While my students do most of the talking, I play many roles: I’m the curator who discovers, organizes and shares relevant content; the facilitator who helps them find the right words and expressions; and, last but not least, the tough coach who makes them endlessly repeat and constantly corrects to ensure clear, effective communication.

I’ve found several Flipboard Magazines that are great resources for ESL teachers like me. These collections help me stay current, introduce a nice mix of vocabulary (along with colorful images and illustrations), and keep me up to speed on the latest teaching techniques and education articles.

ENGLISH CLASSES by John Bartholomew:  My favorite teacher ever! John is a great friend and coworker. He’s a technology buff and knows all the sources. He has been using technology in class forever. I convinced him to start using Flipboard and he is loving it.

Teaching ESL by Lydia Chiang  and Teaching tips by Elena Petruzio: These magazines mix texts on education and teaching with lovely illustrations.

English by Megha Vijay: This magazine is all about visual aids and contains a great selection of illustrations, tables and figures to help students and teachers better understand and retain structure and also learn a  new vocabulary.

Hope you all have fun looking at them and maybe even get inspired to make your own ESL magazines!

Bia Valle is an English teacher who also helps us curate the Brazilian edition of The Daily Edition. She has 26 years of experience as an ESL teacher focused on adults learning English for business, preparing them for presentations, job interviews, road shows and international assignments. You can follow her on Flipboard here.