5 Magazines for Future Writers

Jenn de la Vega / April 30, 2015


“I, unlike a lot of writers, didn’t enjoy writing and reading when I was a teenager. It took a teacher, who focused on me as a person to get me excited about fantasy novels. I had such a wonderful experience that it changed my life. If I can reach that same age group and say, ‘You may be thinking that you hate books, the truth is that you probably haven’t found the right books yet.'”

An inspiring quote from our interview with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

It’s no secret that literacy is important—and important to develop early. From road signs to restaurant menus, journalism to gripping novels and poems, reading and writing are how we discover new knowledge and express ourselves. Here are five magazine resources to encourage writing, reading and good grammar:






In addition to magazines, here are more literary-loving places to check out on Flipboard:

  • Founded in 1953, The Paris Review is a quarterly literary magazine of quotes, biographies and interviews.

If you’re a teacher and collect writing advice for students in a magazine, we’d love to add it to our English & Literature metazine. To be included, send us the link by tweeting @FlipboardMag with the hashtag #FlipEDU or email us at FlipEDU@Flipboard.com

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