It Can Tell Time and Flip…Flipboard on the Apple Watch

Business Blog / April 24, 2015

If you plan on getting the world’s best personalized content on your new Apple Watch—there’s an app for that. It’s Flipboard and here’s what you can expect.

Flipboard will display your top 10 stories —each one tailored to your favorite topics—every day.

To get you started, we’ve created a simple summary page for you to browse on the Apple Watch screen—just scroll down with your finger or use the “digital crown” (the dial on the side of the watch). If you want to read the full version of an article, switch over to your iPhone and dive deeper into that same story. To make this happen with just one swipe, we’re using Apple’s in-house technology Handoff, which helps wirelessly connect your watch to your phone.

To flip a story into one of your curated magazines, or send it to a friend—a “force touch” will show the “flip” and share screen. If you want to add a comment to the item you’re sharing, Handoff will help out: once again, just pick up your iPhone and swipe up to finish the job.

Finally, swipe up from the watch face to see Glances, a scannable summary of all your various apps.  Once inside, Flipboard displays one of your top 10 stories.

Flipboard for Apple Watch is a companion to the app on your iPhone, and another new way to engage with us wherever you are.  We can’t wait for you to start exploring content on the wonderful world of wearable tech. On the Apple Watch, you can read, flip and wear Flipboard—how cool is that?

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