Turn it Up with More SoundCloud Tips & Ideas for MagMakers


We’ve covered how to hook your SoundCloud account to Flipboard, but have you thought of the many ways you could use audio to make your magazines come alive? For music professionals, our partnership with SoundCloud can be a free promotional tool.

If you’re in a band, offering an exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming album with behind-the-scenes photos can be an awesome gift to fans. On tour, you could also gather fan photos across your social networks and pair it with SoundCloud tracks to make a tour diary. DJs can flip whole mixtapes or individual songs to curate a brand new listening experience while browsing Flipboard. Fans from around the world can gather and contribute to magazines together to accomplish any of these ideas, too!


GOLD by CarolynMalachi: The inspiration behind Carolyn’s recently released album is also another way to showcase exclusive material.

A Flipboard magazine can be your expository backdrop for podcasts, storytelling, audiobooks and comedy albums. Collect supplemental reading or visuals together in a magazine, flip your SoundCloud link last or move it to the first position with our Editor tools. Once you’re done, encourage listeners to hit play in the description before they start flipping. And if you have more than one track in the magazine, they will play continuously, like a playlist. For example, a children’s story with curated illustrations can be a fun way to spend some time with the kids.


Music bloggers, record shops and radio stations can flip SoundCloud URLs with short review comments or recommendations to supplement promotions.


SoundCloud is also a useful source for sound effects, field recordings or ambient audio to complement your articles or inspiration magazines. It can be tricky to determine how many articles are needed between sounds or to know how fast readers will flip but if the pieces transition well with each other, it can work out in your favor. Mastering an audiovisual experience on Flipboard can add another dimension to your curation skills and reach. You never know, you might gain some new fans and friends on Flipboard!

Are you in a band or have you created a magazine for your audio project? Tweet it to @Flipboard and we’ll take a listen.

~jdlv is curating “Minutes In the Field