Why You Should Add an Avatar to Your Flipboard Profile and Write a Good Description

Jenn de la Vega / October 2, 2014


Sprucing up your profile with an avatar and description can go miles when engaging the Flipboard community. Providing a “face” to a name helps establish legitimacy and adds a human element to your profile.

To edit your avatar on your mobile device, start by tapping on the red ribbon, then find the gear icon in My Flipboard, then “Edit Profile.”


Hit the pencil icon to edit or add an avatar. You can import your photo from Twitter and Facebook for consistency, but the quality may be different across platforms. For more control and a high quality image, we recommend importing from your mobile device or taking a new picture.


On the Web, log in to Editor, click on the gear icon and then the camera icon on the left.


As you take a new mobile photo, remember to tap the screen to focus and use a grid as guidelines to center it. If you don’t prefer a selfie, have a friend take the photo. A personal graphic, letter or color swatch can also be an awesome representation if you don’t want to use a picture of yourself.

Profile_esquareda Profile_danpancamo 

Make sure to check how the avatar looks on mobile and on the web, you can always change it! If you’re indecisive and a constant avatar changer, be aware that your contacts may not quickly recognize you when they flip past at a quick pace.

Consider putting in a profile description if you don’t have one. It provides context to anyone reading your comments and a compelling biography may tempt them to follow your magazines.

Technically, your profile description is limited to 150 characters but it may appear differently across devices. If you exceed three lines of text, you will see truncation or “…” Imagine you are elevator pitching who you are to the world in the length of a tweet.


Effective descriptions use adjectives, adverbs, portmanteaus or puns. Some people like to say where they live, interests or what they do for a living. It largely depends on who you want to connect with through Flipboard and what your magazines are all about.

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