Put a Dashboard on It!

MagMaker / August 28, 2014

It may be all about birds in Portlandia, but in the land of tech and social media, it’s all about the dashboard—a “control center” of the latest and greatest information that can help inform your decisions about what to share. For MagMakers on Flipboard, having a command central for content can really make the difference in the quality and recency of your magazines. You can set this up today with nothing more than your Flipboard account.

Here’s how: Let’s say you own an organic milk company (stay with us!) and your magazine is called I Scream, You Scream 4 Ice Cream. You’ll want a dashboard that gives you quick access to ice cream-related content to flip into your magazine.

Start by searching for and following the sources that will make up your ice cream dashboard. For example:

  • Related Keywords or Terms: Search for “ice cream.” At the top of the search results you’ll find a Flipboard-branded result, which is our version of a Google search result. You’ll find content related to ice cream, pulled from across Flipboard. Tap into this result, then tap the bookmark icon or the “follow” button to add this result to your Flipboard.


  • Magazines: When you search for terms, you’ll often see magazines created by the Flipboard community in the search results. These are great sources for content for you to flip into your own magazines. Remember, though, that Flipboard is a community of MagMakers so don’t be a jerk and flip too much from one individual magazine. Be creative and build a unique magazine with your own perspective in mind.


  • Publications and Blogs: You can find sources in two main ways: Search for it via the Search Bar, or browse our Content Guide.



Content Guide:


  • Hashtags and handles: Try searching for related hashtags or social-media handles. This can be helpful for curating magazines on events or campaigns. In this example, you could search for #froyo or #icecream which comes up with some great Instagram and twitter feeds. You can do the same for twitter handles. Tap into the result you like, then tap the bookmark to put it on your dashboard.


Once you’ve found and followed all these content sources, you can rearrange your Flipboard tiles to create an easy-to-access dashboard, like the one pictured below:


Remember to mix things up, sprinkle in some hashtags and handles—and have fun!

– Deemanator is reading “Frozen Happiness”