How to Build an Audience for Your Flipboard Magazine

MagMaker / September 11, 2013


You’ve created a Flipboard magazine. Now you want more people to read it. Try these techniques to grow your magazine readership:

Focus, Focus, Focus
Give your magazine a clear topic or point-of-view. You can create a magazine about whatever you want, but if attracting an audience is a priority, avoid all-purpose or general interest magazines. Readers respond best to magazines that provide consistent, focused treatment of a subject (or set of subjects) — the more specific, the better.

Create Multiple Magazines
There’s lots of interesting content to discover via Flipboard or the web, but not all of it will be a good fit for the focus on your magazine. No problem. If you find yourself drawn toward a different subject or storytelling style, just create a new magazine to build an audience around a different topic. You can create dozens of magazines if you’d like, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new topics.

Keep Your Magazines Fresh
Change is exciting, so add new content to each of your magazines as often as you can. Adding one or two new pieces of content a day is a good rule-of-thumb. Adding new items to your magazine on a regular basis implicitly teaches your readers that they should visit the magazine on a regular basis. Plus, when you add new content to a magazine, your subscribers see it in their Cover Stories feed.

Provide a Clear Description
It’s good to give your magazine a fun or whimsical name. But to ensure that potential readers can find your magazine if they use Flipboard’s search features, your magazine should also include a description that clearly explains what it’s about and what subjects it covers. Be specific. You’ll also want to select a relevant topic category for your magazine. To add or update a magazine’s description or topic category, tap the Edit button on the cover of each of your magazines.

Share and Promote Your Magazine
Tell potential readers about your magazine by using the Share button on the cover. The Share button creates a unique URL that you can post wherever you’d like: in an email, or on Twitter or Facebook. The Share link URL takes people directly to your magazine on the web or in the Flipboard app, so you can also add your magazine’s URL to email signatures, blog sidebars, or profile pages on services such as Twitter or Instagram.

Engage with Other MagMakers
One of the most effective ways to get Flipboard users to read and engage with your magazine is to read and engage with their magazines. Search for magazines about topics that match your interests. If you see something interesting, tap Subscribe to add the magazine to your Cover Stories feed. Like articles that appeal to you. Comment on articles that inspire you. Use @mentions to call attention to articles that other Flipboard users might enjoy. Flipboard is a community of magazine makers, so join the conversation.