How a Flipboard Magazine Made Our Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Much More Delicious

MagMaker / November 25, 2013


Last Saturday evening, I was invited to attend a pre-Thankgiving dinner party at the home of some close friends. But on Saturday afternoon, the hosts called: Could I bring over some sort of a cocktail, to properly kick-off the evening? Please?

Eek! A last-minute request. I racked my brain to think of a good Thanksgiving cocktail, but came up empty.

Then I remembered that Flipboard MagMaker Aida B. has a terrific “Thanksgiving” magazine, as well as a dedicated cocktail magazine called “Drinks Made Easy.”  I spent some time flipping through both magazines while sitting on my front steps, and before long I found a simple recipe for Apple Rye Punch that looked seasonal and delicious.

I mixed a big batch of Apple Rye Punch in a pitcher, brought it to the dinner party, and served it on ice immediately upon arrival. The drink was a big hit, and it set a cheerful tone that helped make the rest of the evening a rollicking success.

Aida B. has created a great selection of seasonal magazines, so check out her collection if you’re looking for food to make, drinks to mix or gifts to give.