Get Your Geek On with These 5 Magazines

Jenn de la Vega / May 28, 2015


The term “geek” used to be a teenage insult, but nowadays many claim it as a badge to signify expertise or obsessiveness over a subject. Popular examples of areas where geeks thrive include the worlds of gaming, math and sub-genres of music.

Here are five magazines to get your geek on:

Nerd Cul7ure by Sean Lewis: A compendium of news updates about the latest comics, anime and TV shows to feed the hungriest fan.

Gamer Girl by Karen Price: Dive into the theory of the video game industry with indie recommendations and thought pieces about how video games impact real life.

All About Board Games by lukather: You don’t need a screen to have fun. Keep up with the latest in tabletop releases and expansions.

VideoGame Art by Opticon Organics: A collection of the best graphics from video and computer games.

Pixel Art by PixelArtM: If we really want to get technical, this magazine is all about pixel art, which is the very detailed form of digital artistry where graphics are constructed bit by bit. Bonus: this magazine contains examples of portfolio work from a teacher and game developer based in Spain.

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We’re missing some geeky music magazines from this list! Do you have one? Tweet the link to @FlipboardMag and we’ll nerd out about it.

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