#FlipboardChat Summary: How Photographers Can Use Flipboard Magazines

Jenn de la Vega / October 14, 2015


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Last week, participants chatted about “How Photographers Can Use Flipboard Magazines. Here’s what they said:

What websites and tools do you use to post or share photos on the web?

  • I use Instagram and Facebook to post my own photos.
  • My latest has been to use IFTTT with Slack to gather photos en masse. I can quickly scan through multiple photos.
  • I post natively to Instagram and share from there to Facebook and Twitter (via IFTTT).
  • My favorite photo sites are 500px, Flickr & NASA who has a space photo of the day.

What are the benefits of using Flipboard to showcase or find great photography?

  • Photos in Flipboard mags look great. Mike McCue said that was one reason he invented Flipboard, to make mags look good.
  • Search! You can search for keywords for specific images (i.e., corgis) and find high-res photos.
  • Use Flipboard to browse photographic sites like 500px and Flickr.

What are some creative ideas for Flipboard magazines that photographers can curate?

  • Hone in on a specific topic. I’m not a photographer but I have a Starbucks mag where I post creative cups & mugs.
  • Curate a magazine of your best photos with Compose. Flipboard mags are an easy way to show your work, on a mobile device or on the Web!
  • I would love to see a photo mag from the daredevil people who dangle off buildings & high places. Scary but amazing!
  • Curate a bucket list of places you would like to go photograph. Or a mag of photos from photographers that inspire you.

What are the best ways to add and organize photos in a Flipboard Magazine?

  • Add via the mobile app. Organize on the Web editor.
  • If you’re flipping from social, flip through the app. Have themed mags to organize your pics.
  • I usually like to intersperse a comment or an article next to a very nice picture.
  • Pay attention to the layout of the photos. Move things around in the Editor until you like how the photos look in a mag!
  • Invite other photographers to contribute.
  • Double check how the photos appear in different devices. Sometimes they look wonky or off center.

What should photographers consider when selecting a cover and title for a Flipboard Magazine?

  • Covers NEED to be hi-res, esp. for photography magazines.
  • Shorter titles are better, generally.
  • I imagine that other photographers would gravitate toward high res, sharp photos with interesting images.
  • Test on multiple devices. Make sure your focal point is actually the focus on different screen sizes.

What are your best tips for promoting photography using a Flipboard Magazine?

  • Most photographers have websites. They should embed their photography mags into their sites.
  • Promote mags devoted to specific events using hashtags!
  • Share with your existing networks and any photography groups you belong to, offline or online.
  • Promote your magazines using #FlipboardFriday on Fridays.

How often should a photography magazine on Flipboard be updated?

  • As often as possible. Quality over quantity, though. Don’t flip just for flipping sake.
  • If there are enough photos for your mag’s focus (pun, pun), then mag can be updated every day even.
  • And the longer we flip, the better we become at curating and learning to discard.
  • Fresh content is important. I truly enjoy browsing great photos, a stress reliever!
  • Some magazines are more evergreen than others. I may change weekly instead.

Besides photos, what other types of content can photographers curate into Flipboard Magazines?

  • GIFs! They’re basically a photo/video hybrid. Also, videos may be relevant.
  • DIY and how-tos, tips and tricks. Especially when using a smartphone camera.
  • Videos and GIFs made from your photos.  For photo mags, search topics and social feeds.  Use #hashtags and Twitter lists.

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club