#FlipboardChat Summary: Audio and Video in Flipboard Magazines

Mia Quagliarello / July 7, 2015


Every Wednesday evening, members of the Flipboard Club—an unofficial group of passionate evangelists—hold a Twitter chat about a Flipboard-centric topic. The chats are usually so informative and inspiring that we thought we’d summarize the tips, tricks and ideas discussed each week and let you know what the next topic is going to be.

Join in the chat at 7pm PT / 10pm ET via the #FlipboardChat hashtag on Twitter. If the time zone doesn’t work for you, join their Facebook group to stay in the loop. Tomorrow’s chat is about “Curating Magazines for Research Studies.”

Last week, participants chatted about how how audio and video content can work in Flipboard Magazines. Here’s what they said:

Which online services do you typically use to find or create good videos or audio recordings?

  • SoundCloud and YouTube #1, and Vines look pretty good too. Sometimes Vimeo.
  • Still use programs on Mac, iMovie and wiretap pro for audio. Occasionally GarageBand. YouTube to view mainly.
  • I downloaded GarageBand, but haven’t really used it. Also use YouTube and Vimeo. Vimeo has way less traffic.
  • Some of our partners — @pitchfork, @RollingStone, @guardianmusic, @nprmusic — are also great for this!
  • Apple Music has been incredible for finding music so far.
  • I’m not talented enough to create video or audio but I use YouTube and Spotify ALL THE TIME!

What are the benefits of adding audio files or videos to Flipboard Magazines?

  • It adds a different medium. Writing can accomplish a lot, but a great video/audio/song may accomplish it better
  • I’m a total music nerd so I love to have a piece of writing about music, followed by the music itself if possible.
  • Another source of curated content in one easy place.
  • Multimedia gives your magazine a voice, literally!
  • Adds variety to magazine.
  • Opens up a whole new world of content; makes a Flipboard mag come alive.
  • We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a video or sound clip!
  • Audio and video files help “tell the story” in your Flipboard mags.

What are some creative ways for using audio in Flipboard Magazines?

  • Podcasts are popular again. You could create a mag of your favorite ones in an industry, or your own.
  • How ’bout using it to create atmosphere? Set a mood for what’s written.
  • Political mags could have politicians speaking to their audience about issues. Oh the horror, more hot air—couldn’t resist.
  • Explaining why a story is important after posting a story. Similar to a curation, but digital.
  • Sports magazines can show videos of the game, interviews with players.
  • The first thing that comes to mind is narrating a story, like @wordwhacker did with her Worcester mag.
  • One thing I think is neato is using Soundcloud to create a narration.
  • I like Aïda’s mag on Maya Angelou that has audio of her speaking and reciting her work as well as interviews.

What are some creative ways for using videos in Flipboard Magazines?

  • Use video to set the stage for content that follows.
  • Add citizen journalism or alternate perspectives outside of mainstream media.
  • Virtual tours such as museums or other countries. Imagine a rainforest mag with lots of videos. Kids would love that.
  • Any kind of sports, car, Harley magazines are all perfect for video. Also instructional magazines.
  • You can add a behind-the-scenes: for example, if covering a song, you could show a video of the recording session.
  • Najib Aminy has a great mag about JFK with videos of him speaking. Brings history to life.
  • Video is a great medium for politicians to engage with their audience.

What are your best tips for someone who wants to use audio or video in a Flipboard Magazine?

  • Just do it.
  • Check for dead links and substitute, if you can find an appropriate secondary source.
  • Know your intended audience.
  • Only use authorized/official sources
  • Make sure the content is better than a typical post. Audio/video should feel special.
  • Also, keep in mind: audio is continuous play on Flipboard so a mag = a playlist (Not so for video, #boo).
  • Use high-quality, HD sources. It’s not 1999. No one wants to see The Blair Witch Project.

How can brands use audio and video to keep fans engaged with their Flipboard Magazines?

  • User-generated content is your friend. Have a contest and flip the top 10, ask people to vote for the winner on Flipboard.
  • Brands need to speak to their audiences’ senses with audio and video. You know it when you see/hear it!
  • They can put a person’s face and voice behind a brand, to make it more personal.
  • It’s all more fodder for a brand’s #contentmarketing and social channels.
  • Share special, behind-the-scenes multimedia that you can’t get anywhere else. Tell us a story!
  • They can use short videos to preview important parts of their articles.

In what ways can the integration of audio and video in Flipboard Magazines be enhanced?

  • Maybe an option to add the video description in the description area, so people know what it’s about.
  • More integrated audio platforms, like subscription services like Spotify would be so cool.
  • I really wish more people thought to curate from audio and video sources; mags are still mainly text and photos.
  • I would like full bleed, enlarged videos—like cooking demonstrations.
  • More audio options would be awesome. I love SoundCloud but Spotify is my go-to.
  • Continuous and background play for video!!!

If you had to make a Flipboard Magazine using only SoundCloud audio files, what would your theme be?

  • I would love to do a weekly music roundup.
  • I really want to do a definitive “Top 10 SoundCloud” tracks you need to know this week mag.
  • It’d be related to motivation and inspiration.
  • My high school reunion is in November! I’m going to pull together all the popular songs from ’05.
  • A mag about summertime with Will Smith’s song of the same name playing.

Don’t forget to join the #FlipboardChat tomorrow night: the topic is “Curating Magazines for Research Studies.” Start chatting on Twitter at 7pm PT / 10pm ET, or come back to this blog for an update.

~MiaQ on behalf of the Flipboard Club