5 Magazines For Book Lovers

Jenn de la Vega / February 4, 2015

Dearest Book Lover,

Isn’t it great to curl up with a good tome? These harsh winter months can be a great time to read a good story; to travel elsewhere through words. We’ve got authors to watch, reviews and reading recommendations, whether they be printed or e-published.

Here are five magazines to keep on your shelf:

Library Lover by Margaret Garvin: Library news and an in-depth look at the act of reading.

Views & Reviews by Des Moines Public Library: Book industry buzz and interviews with prolific authors.

Write That Damn Book by Chris Cash: Writing advice and motivational pieces from a novelist-in-training.

The Art of Journaling and Traveling by Tercia Goh: A catalog of portable notebook snapshots and writing on-the-go.

Tattered Pages by Jennifer Zuri: Celebrating the beauty and nostalgia of old books.

We were also lucky enough to interview some of our favorite authors on the Red Couch through our iBooks partnership. Read them here!

Have you made a magazine about your favorite book or series? We’d like to read it. Tell us by sending a 140 character electronic telegram with your computer device to @FlipboardMag.

Always pining for more to read,

~jdlv is reading “Brandon Sanderson