Why This Small Town Girl and Her Family Love Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / July 20, 2015

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The author’s children

I am the youngest of five children, aunt to 12, and mother of two fun-loving boys. Family plays a huge role in every aspect of my life. So it should come as no surprise that, after discovering and falling in love with Flipboard, I would find ways to enjoy my new passion with my family.

With 15 million magazines covering over 30,000 topics, it wasn’t hard to find several that piqued our distinct interests. In the world of Flipboard, a single search produces entire collections seemingly custom-made for each person in my family. And the boys are definitely off and running on their own, discovering new magazines every time I allow them on Flipboard. My oldest son, who’s 12, loves to flip through Flipboard on my iPad while my youngest son, who’s 11, prefers to view them on the Web.

However, even while we each have our own personal favorites, there are some magazines my rural Missouri family loves to flip through together.

1. FOOD. I have never had a large collection of meal ideas so we often eat the same things over and over. Thanks to a plethora of food magazines on Flipboard, we’ve found numerous recipes to add to our stash. Meal planning is now a family affair and what fun it is! Some of our favorite food magazines are Playing With Your Food, Dessert Recipes and BBQ.


BBQ by Kenneth Brunsman

2. PRANKS. We love to plot our April Fool’s Day pranks for months ahead of time in our family. Poor daddy never knows what hits him. This is now a family Flipboard tradition and we have the April Fool’s Day magazine to prove it.


April Fool’s Day: Pranks by Kristina Sorrelli

3. TOYS. Like most American families, our home is full of Legos lying around waiting to become something new. My oldest son and I like to flip through Flipboard Magazines to find creations that we can build together. Our creations aren’t always successful but it sure is a lot of fun to try. We especially love #Lego Art, Brick by Brick: A Magazine for Lego Fans and LEGO Magazine.


LEGO Magazine by applemac

4. SPORTS. Our house gets a little ugly when it comes to hockey season. On one hand, there’s my husband who is a diehard New York Rangers fan. Our youngest son, an ice hockey goalie, idolizes Henrik Lundqvist. On the other hand, I am a New Jersey Devils fan. (Martin Brodeur was the best goalie in the world.) These magazines are what we use to find reasons to throw cheap shots at each other: Goalies World, The NHL Magazine and NY Rangers.


NY Rangers by redbaron2023

5. NOSTALGIA. I grew up in a small town in rural Missouri, population 700. My father and his family owned a meat processing plant and not helping with the business wasn’t ever an option so we spent a lot of quality time together. As the youngest, I was often referred to as “daddy’s little girl.” Fast forward many decades and here I am curating Daddy’s Little Girl, a personally fulfilling magazine that reminds me of simpler times.


Daddy’s Little Girl by Kristina Sorrelli

These are just a few of the magazines my family and I enjoy. Whether it’s one or a multitude, I highly recommend exploring Flipboard for magazines that you can enjoy with your family. It’s one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had with technology. You may also try a private group magazine that only family can see or contribute to where you share great family pictures.

This Flipboard User Guide created by the Flipboard Club has a collection of tutorials that will help you get started. You can also join the Flipboard Chat group and let me help you if I can. You’re also welcome to enjoy my magazines.

Kristina Sorrelli is the Vice President of Ops at a multi-platform ad company and a key member of the Flipboard Club. Follow her on Flipboard for magazines about family life, social media, food, gifts and so much more.