The Week in Review: Winter is Coming…No, It’s Here

Inside Flipboard / January 4, 2014

The new year is here and so is the snow. Winter Storm Hercules, named by the Weather Channel, has blanketed nearly a third of the nation, bringing snow and blizzard-like conditions from parts of Maine to as far south as Kentucky.

This year’s first “snowpocalypse” is the result of three low-pressure systems merging together to form a mixture of high winds, cold temperatures and powdery-snow conditions—the perfect storm. In anticipation, more than 5,000 flights were cancelled, Boston’s Logan International Airport has temporarily shut down and several interstate highways have been closed off. The storm is expected to affect up to 100 million people with predictions of 18 inches of snow covering parts of the nation, from New York City down to Washington D.C.

The following magazines help give a sense of what it’s like to be in such a snowstorm—some capture the beauty of a first snowfall, others curate stories and images about the hassle of a blizzard.

***Snow Glorious Snow*** by Tricia Fine: This magazine showcases the beautiful side of snow, collecting photos of snow-covered mountains, forests and canyons.

Winter scenes by sdalek: With photos of horses, trains and cabins all covered in snow, this magazine makes you wish you were in a blizzard.

First Snow by Linda Bernstein: Before the white turns to grey and the snow turns to slush, there’s that sense where all seems calm. This magazine collects that moment from places all over the world.

Climate Change & Extreme Weather: This magazine takes a look at what Winter Storm Hercules could mean within the context of global warming.

Winter Storm Hercules by Flipboard Newsdesk: Curating the latest news on 2014’s first “snowpocalypse.”

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