The Week in Review: On and Off the Runway

Inside Flipboard / February 7, 2014

It’s that season again: New York Fashion Week for fall and winter 2014 began on February 6. After shows in Milan and Paris, the vibrant stage has come to NYC in its usual, bi-annual rotation. It’s a time for designers and brands to display their latest collections on the runway while the media takes note of the latest trends—and whips up a frenzy of interest and desire in the rest of us.

During Fashion Week, street fashion in the host city is almost as important as runway fashion. Stylish attendees brighten up every corner of the metropolis; everyone from magazine editors to off-duty models to celebrities sallies forth, bedecked in the latest designer threads…

Of course, Flipboard magazine curators, a sensibly stylish lot who are prone to notice everything, have been capturing every facet of this fashion season. Here are some of our favorite collections:

New York Fashion Week 2014 by Flipboard Club : An attractive roundup of highlights and runway pictures.

The Story of #NYFW by Beki Winchel and Shelby Hintze: Behind the scenes of Fashion Week—in pictures and stories about designers.

ELITE MODELS: OFF-DUTY by Elite World: Modeling agency Elite curates snapshots of off-duty models.

Mode femme by JPO2000: A snappy photo collection of chic and elegant celebrities and models on the street.

Ciao maschio! by FlipboardItalia: Articles about men’s collections in Milan and Paris.

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