Ring, Ring! Dial Up to Get Flipboard Delivered to Your Ear

Inside Flipboard / April 1, 2015

With Flipboard already on mobile, the Web and (soon) the Watch, what’s next? Today, we’re excited to reveal the final frontier: the FlipPhone. Now you can call 1-248-206-FLIP to get your personal magazine read to you over the phone.

Finally, there’s a safe way to use Flipboard while you’re driving or as you drift off to sleep. Dial the number to hear the latest and greatest headlines spoken to you. We can even tell you what’s in that video or animated GIF (“It’s wiener dogs playing cops and robbers!“). Just say “Flip!” to go to the next story. You can also dictate comments and say “Like” to like a story and “Share” to send it as a voice-mail to a friend.

This amazing new information delivery system makes perfect sense given our CEO Mike McCue’s history as the founder of Tellme, a pioneering speech telephony service bought by Microsoft in 2007. With FlipPhone, McCue and team combine their experience and expertise from both the Flipboard and Tellme worlds into one truly innovative product.

Now Flipboard really is everywhere.

Thanks for calling!

~The Flipboard Team