Psst, Pass It On: People Is on Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / October 31, 2013

With its celebrity news and human interest stories, People is a juggernaut in the magazine world. A gigantic audience of 42.3 million and a circulation of 3.5 million mean it’s essential reading for many magazine lovers, many of whom quickly devour each issue before passing it on to friends. (The magazine is one of the most shared titles out there.)

And it’s not just consumers who love People; celebrities do, too. In covering the lives of the rich and famous, the magazine is careful never to be gossipy or mean-spirited, earning the trust of—and access to—Hollywood’s elite. Their trials, tribulations and milestones are presented next to those of everyday folks who themselves are elevated to celebrity status thanks to acts of courage or determination.

In other words, in the pages of People, we’re all just people.

Now, People’s gotten a makeover for Flipboard, with unique layouts designed just for the magazine. Enjoy it now.

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