Introducing 2016 Election Central: Your Guide to the Presidential Race

Inside Flipboard / August 6, 2015

2016 Election Central Flipboard

The 2016 presidential election will dominate the news, conversation and debate in America over the next 450+ days leading up to Election Day 2016. With a record 17 Republican candidates, five Democratic candidates and a constant stream of debates, there will be no shortage of political jousting, policy debates and personality clashes. The 2016 Election Central profile, launching today, is intended to keep you up to speed on all aspects of the race. (You can also follow #Flip2016 on Twitter as the race progresses.)

We’re packaging topics, magazines from readers and content from our publishing partners, including Associated Press, CNN, The Des Moines Register, National Journal, NBC News, The New York Times, NPR, Politico and The Washington Post, into five larger collections:

The Issues: A mix of magazines and topics related to the policy issues raised and debated during the campaign, including different immigration reform proposals, the threat posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) and the discussion over income inequality.

The Candidates: A deep dive on those running for commander in chief. The magazine starts with a look at the candidates in their own words on social media and includes candidate topics, user-curated magazines and The Washington Post’s made-for-Flipboard “Contenders Revealed” magazines. The Post has created a magazine for every leading White House contender, on the Republican and Democratic side.

The Politics: The political game surrounding the race for the White House, including the latest in social media from political influencers. Magazines from NBC’s Meet the Press, CNN’s Go Inside Politics, and The Des Moines Register’s 2016 Iowa Caucuses are included in this magazine.

CNN is covering the polling and debates of this election cycle in a new Flipboard Magazine called CNN Politics: 2016 on Tap, and we’ll interview a member of the CNN Politics team after each debate for a “2016 on Tap: CNN Politics Debate Recap” blog post.

Politics Top Stories: Top stories from our partners about the Republican and Democratic candidates, followed by the most important stories from this cycle.

Politics Rundown Email: Our editors pick 10 stories each week, from diverse viewpoints and sources, delivered in your inbox on Thursdays. Follow the @2016Election profile to receive the stories in your inbox.

With a record number of candidates already in the race, we’re in for quite a political ride. Follow the individual magazines or the profile to stay up to speed with every speech, poll and headline-grabbing comment during the next almost year and a half. We’ll add additional magazines and content as we get closer to decision day, November 8, 2016.

~CarolynG & GabyS are curating “Tomorrow’s News Media